Montrachet Restaurant


The restaurant at 224 Given Terrace is in the middle of a row of old shops – modernised – very good taste! The name of the restaurant “MONTRACHET” is etched in the middle of two large frosted glass windows, and above a sign – “Bar, Comptoir, Restaurant”. An enamelled sign on the door says “TIREZ” (pull) – in french if you please!

We enter and bang! shock! I’m dreaming! I’m in France! On the left a long red leather sofa runs the length of the room. In front of the sofa large tables for two, with white linen cloths – the sort of tables that the waiters slide in and out so the ladies can sit on the sofa. The tables are set with generous glasses and heavy serious cutlery…we are not here to nibble but for the pleasure! And then there are the chairs, comfortable and joyful… Oh yes joyful!

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