The Defiant Duck


Looking to dodge the crowds? Make every guest at the table a VIP.
The Defiant duck is one of Brisbane’s best restaurants for large groups, featuring a range of private dining spaces available for exclusive hire. Rather than winging it at a busy restaurant, we’ll bring out the velvet rope for your next special occasion.

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The Nestsittingup to 45
The Dining Roomsittingup to 50
The Dining Roomstandingup to 70
The Duck Decksittingup to 50
The Duck Deckstandingup to 60
Duck Lanesittingup to 70
Duck Lanestandingup to 150
Alfresco Areasittingup to 150
Alfrescostandingup to 200
The Barsittingup to 100
The Barstandingup to 200
Full Venuesittingup to 250
Full Venuestandingup to 700